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1. Много мифов сложилось вокруг кредитной истории, могли бы Вы привести примеры неправильных стратегий по получению кредитной истории? Начнем с того что без кредитной истории в современом мире практически не возможно существовать несмотря на суммы сбережения или наличия денег которыми Вы лично владеете. Кредитная история, особенно хорошая, практически нужна всем, […]

Мифы Кредитной Истории

In the last few days, RBC and Scotiabank have eliminated their advertised variable-rate discounts. They’re now promoting variable mortgages at prime + 0.10%, twenty basis points more than their previous “special offers.” Prime + 0.10% (i.e., 3.10%) is an interesting number. A few months ago consumers thought that fat variable-rate discounts were here to […]

Variable Discounts Turn to Premiums

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty dismissed speculation about a Canadian housing bubble, telling reporters in New York on Wednesday that he sees no need to tighten the country’s mortgage rules further. “We have seen in the past year some softening in the Canadian housing market, in part due to the tightening […]

Flaherty rules out mortgage rule tightening

RBC, the nation’s biggest mortgage lender, has cut its variable rate discount by 0.20 percentage points. The change is effective tomorrow. That lifts its advertised variable rate from 2.35% (prime – 0.65%) to 2.55% (prime – 0.45%). Given that lenders travel in packs, it’s not unlikely that some other banks […]

RBC Signals That VRMs Too Costly

Over the past few months, major economists have backpeddled on their rate hike predictions. Not long ago, the consensus of economists was projecting a July 19 increase. Now, those same analysts aren’t looking for a rate bump until this fall…or later. Here’s a chart from BMO illustrating how fast rate […]

Canadian Mortgage Rate Forecast

Tomorrow the Bank of Canada is meeting to review the prime rate.  TD, Royal Bank, and BMO have pushed out their expectations of a rate increase to September, sighting the following factors, “With signs the U.S. and global economies have entered a soft patch and the European debt crisis continuing […]

Prediction for BoC rate hike say September